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GCWorldBiz speaks to senior level professionals involved with in-plant & commercial print facilities around the world. We focus on the "5 Critical Issues" related to the business side of the printing industry: How to Make/ Save$/ Gain/ Retain/ Grow Customers
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Graphic Arts Industry Thought Leaders

kob thumnail

American Printer

Katherine O'Brien

Industry Observations

Graph Expo 2014 educators' event raises questions about teachers and training needed in the years to come....read more

sid thumb

Chadwick Consulting

Sid Chadwick

Developing the Business

How much courage does it take for an individual in your organization to “buck the system” and make an improvement in what and how you do what you do?....read more

Image of Patrick Whelan from Great Reach Communications

Great Reach Communications

Patrick Whelan

Marketing Ideas for Printers

Too many printers evaluate their marketing efforts the same way they evaluate their sales efforts, wanting instant results and easy to grasp measurability....read more


Phil Larson

Shepherd Consulting OK

Phil Larson

Leveraging Operations and Communications

Print is a visual medium for communication. Be sensitive to the people engaged in the process and give them visuals in your workflow....read more


star thumb

Guest Star

Invited Industry Leaders share their Insights on the "5 Critical Issues"....read more

Image of Peter Muir from Bizucate


Peter Muir

New Business Opportunities

A series of questions to get you thinking about your business, working ON it, not just IN it....read more

Image of Darryl Dobyn from DDR Associates

DRD Associates

Darryl Dobin

Business Relationship Management

This article covers several critical components of an effective partnering strategy.

...read more
Image of Kevin Karstedt from Karstedt Associates

Karstedt Partners

Kevin Karstedt

Digital Printing for Packaging

Commercialization Assessment Report #1 will assist the printer/converter considering digital printing in the narrow web environment.

...read more
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